hummingbird a little thing can be uplifting

A Little Thing Can Be So Uplifting

The little things in life can often be the things that make you the happiest. For me, it’s my little yorkshire terrier, Bella. I also have to say, though, that I have a soft spot for hummingbirds.

Hummingbirds are magical little birds that evoke many happy memories for me. I’ve had hummingbirds come to my garden. They would especially appear during the times when my mother would visit, and we would both watch them as they darted amid the flowers. I even managed to get one on video once. I still don’t know how I did it since they move around so quickly!

hummingbird closeup near flower

Now that she has passed away, every time I see one of these little wonders, it makes me think of my sweet mother and it’s as if she’s sending me a sign to let me know that she is watching over me.

Hummingbirds also have special symbolism in various cultures. In Central America, for example, they’re a sign of love and it is thought that they bring love to the person who spots them. In Native American culture, they’re also seen as bringers of love, but they’re known as healers as well.

Whatever a hummingbird might mean to you, it is indeed a special moment when you get to see them up close. It’s something you’ll never forget.

If you want to see more hummingbirds in your garden, the best way is to plant their favorite shrubs and nectar-filled flowers, which is what I did in my own garden. I planted a lot of long, tubular flowers because they have the most nectar, and their shape is tailor-made for the hummingbird’s bill.

hummingbird getting nectar from flower

In my garden, I’ve planted many honeysuckle vines, weigela of different varieties, lots of bee balm and salvia, and delphiniums. I also have some annuals such as petunias, impatiens, and fuschia. Hummingbirds love all these plants.  

Since you often create what you love, I like to depict hummingbirds in my art as well. I’ve created several different hummingbirds in needle felted wool paintings, and of course, in drawings and watercolors.

hummingbird wool art by Saveria Designs

hummingbird fantasy needle felted picture


How can you not believe in miracles when you see the marvel that is a hummingbird.

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