A Peek into Sketchbook artist Saveria Torquato

A Peek Into My Sketchbook

I love to draw in all sorts of places and on all kinds of paper. I keep a small sketchbook in my purse so when inspiration strikes, I can doodle my thoughts or ideas on paper.

I draw in traditional artist’s sketchbooks, journals, any paper I may have on hand, even a napkin once!

My ideal day would be to go to a quiet natural setting, in a park, garden, or countryside, and just draw and let my thoughts, and what I see, flow out onto the paper. A perfect way to spend a few hours of soulful contemplation.

 sketching a yorkie

Here’s a little peek into some of my drawings and doodles. Some I’ve done to illustrate published poems, others are ideas for future watercolours, and some are just studies of things around me.


These are some drawings I did for a collection of published poems on time and love.

pencil and ink drawing by Saveria Torquato

Lovers sketch by Saveria Torquato

These are some of my Italian Pinocchio sketches, I plan to turn into watercolours. I’ve done some in needle felted wool art as well (available here).


Pinocchio sketch by Saveria Designs
 Pinocchio pencil sketch

I love to sketch nature and little birds are some of my favourite subjects. Here’s a drawing I did of some chickadees. So beautiful when you can see them up close.

 Chickadees pencil drawing by Saveria Torquato

Of course, I’m always sketching my little yorkie. I love to watch her and sometimes I just feel like capturing the moment in a drawing or doodle.

While I was journaling one day, I found myself watching my little yorkie as she rested, so I stopped writing and started doodling right in my journal. The drawings amid the written pages are like "snapshots of my mind" in that particular instant.

Yorkie curled up doodle sketch

yorkie resting on bed sketch

I hope this will motivate you to “doodle your thoughts” and just draw for the pleasure of it. Don’t listen to your “inner critic” - just do it because it’s fun.

Remember how we used to love to draw as children? Try and capture that magical feeling again for yourself.


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