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Dogs in the Museum…in Art

No dogs allowed…but we’re already here!


Dogs have been our companions for centuries and have appeared in many famous artistic works for just as long.

dogs in art palazzo pitti

Renaissance artists, in particular, often sketched the natural world they saw around them, so of course, it’s easy to see why so many dogs are portrayed in their art. dogs in art alessandro allori

Portraits of the nobility, as for example those of the Medici family in Florence. always included their dogs. Proof of the great love they had for their pets.

dogs in masterpieces tiberio di tito

dogs in famous Italian art

We can’t ignore, though, that dogs also became “status symbols”, a precious object to be displayed with its owner in a painting.  

Portrait art owners with dogs Renaissance

Dogs in art masterpieces hanging in the gallery

Many artists also represented dogs in the everyday lives of the “lower classes”: in kitchens, fields, and village streets.

dogs in art uffizi gallery

Art is a testament to the fact that dogs were (and still are)
symbols of faithfulness, protection, loyalty, and love.

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