Yorkie Art by Saveria Designs framing idea

Framing your Art Prints

Decorating your walls is just like a work of art in itself.

Yorkie art prints framing idea Saveria Designs

Framed 8x10 prints stand out on desktops, tabletops and walls and allow the fine details of artwork to be fully enjoyed.

Yorkie art prints by Saveria TorquatoArt prints that are 8”×10” (20×25 cm) can be framed quickly, easily, and at little cost using readily available off the shelf frames and mats. I recommend using an 11×14 frame for your 8×10 prints, since they’re easy to find and almost always come with a pre-cut mat.

An unusual and eye-catching way to frame your 8x10 or 8.5x11 art print is in a 12×16 frame, They are less common than some of the other sizes and they require a custom mat to be cut, but the extra inch or two of the mat gives the print a bold look.


Matted yorkie art decor idea by Saveria DesignsAny artwork on paper—a drawing, a print, a watercolour will look even lovelier with a mat. The mat serves to put the focus on the art, it shouldn’t detract from it, so a white or off-white mat is ideal. A mat also helps a smaller print look larger.







Frames for 8×10 prints are quite easy to locate - almost every frame shop or home decor store has them. It’s a popular size if you want to do a gallery-like configuration on your walls or for small spaces like hallways, bathrooms, or any corner or alcove in your home. This is why I primarily stock this size for my artwork. Check out my prints.
White and black are the most popular colours for frames and go with almost any decor, whether it be traditional or modern. You can also choose metallic or coloured frames to complement the colours in the print.

Yorkshire terrier art by Saveria Torquato framing idea

Needle felted girl in blue dress framing idea Saveria Designs

Yorkie art in grey frame decor idea Saveria Designs




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