Renaissance Wool Art by Saveria Designs

It just "Felt" right - My journey in needle felted art

My passion to create beautiful things for others, and for myself, led me to explore the world of fibre and its exciting possibilities for creating meaningful works of art. And so began my artistic journey of painting with wool.

The concrete, repetitive nature of needle felting frees my imagination and provides many opportunities for happy accident and grace to influence the finished product.

Needle felted pieces are not something that can be mass produced – there is much work and time that goes into each piece – but they become unique – for the maker and the viewer.

My inspiration comes from Italian ceramic pieces, the Italian Renaissance masters, the landscapes of Italy and Europe, and nature in all its forms.


Renaissance portraits have always intrigued me: what were these people like, what did they want out of life… you can imagine their story as you view them.

I was inspired to create my own Italian Renaissance portraits in needle felted wool. I give each of my “ladies” an authentic name from the Renaissance period, and each artwork is accompanied by an inspirational or empowering quote for women.

Art, in any form, is personal, so each viewer takes something a little different from the same artwork, and and so its effect is different on each person…and I’m happy with that!

Positano wool painting by Saveria Designs I have created many needle felted wool paintings in my Renaissance and European collections which include portraits, landscapes, angels, nature, and majolica tile in felt.

I love to experiment and think “out of the box” to create something unique in needle felt art.

I find the period of the Italian Renaissance fits perfectly into my wool art collection of portraits and landscapes depicting this important historical period of enlightenment and creation.

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