making creativity a part of life

Making Createfulness a Part of Life


– to bring into existence to produce through imaginative skill

– to make or bring into existence something new

– the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations

– to produce through artistic or imaginative effort


Wanting to create something new, or just create a new you, can be daunting… and exciting at the same time. Sometimes it’s easier to just go along as you were and not change or do anything new. It’s an individual choice and you’ll know when the time is right.

Creating or making something, whether a new piece of art, a new craft, or deciding to create a “life journal” is something deeply personal that you can choose to share with the world or keep to yourself. When you create, you do it primarily for yourself, because you feel the need to do it – it’s your soul talking, it’s your heart talking – if you choose to listen.

“Do what makes your soul smile.”

“Do what makes your soul smile.” I love this quote because it encompasses what the act of creating, of living really is. Your happiness when you create something with your hands, head, or heart (or all three) is what gives you life. It makes you want to get out of bed every day and face the trials and tribulations of our everyday lives.

We need to find what makes our soul smile so we can really “live” each day without just “going through the motions”. The act of creating, or making, does that for many people, and it is certainly why I make my art to give happiness to others - and to myself.

When we create, we express what we feel. Our art speaks for us – it is our voice in the world. It is what we create for ourselves or for others. It’s what puts a sense of purpose in our lives. The whole idea of “being createful” is to look inside ourselves so that we can put something out into the world. A piece of art, a piece of writing, a piece of music – whatever calls to your soul.

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