15 Most Wonderful Things about Yorkies

The 15 Most Wonderful Things about Yorkies

OK, so I may be a little biased because my little yorkie is a piece of my heart. I am truly blessed to have her in my life. Anyone who has a Yorkie (or any dog for that matter) knows how special that bond is and how empty our lives would be without our precious little friends.

Yorkie sleeping serenely artwork


So here’s why I think Yorkshire Terriers are so wonderful…

    1.   They are incredibly affectionate, cuddly…and oh so cute!

    2.   They will love you to the moon and back. They will be your best friend and
          companion no matter what. Their love is unconditional.

    3.   Once you get one, they will change your life…for the better.

          For example, have you ever noticed how your yorkie loves to lie down in the
          sun or finds the nearest sunbeam in your home and just soaks up the rays.
          You can see it’s pure bliss for them. I’ve learned to do the same thing because
          of my yorkie. She’s taught me to appreciate the little pleasures in life - like
          enjoying the warmth of the sun as I sit and contemplate.

    little yorkshire terrier enjoying the sun

    4.   They love interacting with you and, be prepared, you’ll have a shadow for life.
          They go where you go.

    5.   They are courageous and feisty - you’ll always know if there is anyone
 in your
          vicinity because they will certainly make a fuss. They’re pint-sized “home alarm”
          watch dogs and will alert you to anything right away.

    6.   You won’t find anyone more devoted to you…ever.

    closeup of cute yorkie face

    7.   They don’t take up a lot of room physically…but they will take up a lot
          of room in your heart.

    8.   They have the most irresistible puppy-dog eyes. You’ll literally melt and give in
          to their every want and need, and they know it… so they might display a little of
          the “diva” inside them. You’ve been warned…but you can’t resist!

    what's cuter than a Yorkie sleeping

    9.   Yorkies love to nap and watching them sleep is one of the best parts of the day.
           That’s why I created my ‘Yorkie Serenity’ series of artwork. It’s a moment of
           quiet and peace where, if only for a short time, you feel like all’s right with the

    closeup of cute little yorkie sleeping

    10.  The more they age, the more affectionate they become. They’ll bond ever
           closer to you (if that’s possible) and snuggle up to you even more since they
           enjoy your attention and comfort. They are devoted to you for life.

    11.  They’ll watch you…a lot! Yorkies will keep their eyes on you, watching you
            constantly. They always want to know what you’re doing. This is further proof
            of their intelligence, their awareness, and their special bond with you. They pay
            attention to you and want to be near you.

    12.  They are “quick studies” and can be easily trained. They’re alert and eager to
            please, so they’ll learn things quickly, if they want to.

    13.  They’ll always make you smile or laugh, no matter what they do. They waddle
            and wiggle their little behinds when they walk and split their back legs wide
            apart when they’re resting on their bellies…and their tail looks like a little 
            propeller when they’re happy to see you.

    funny yorkie lying down resting

    14.   No matter what, they are always there to cheer you up and give you LOTS of
            kisses to show they care. They are pretty amazing little creatures.

    15.   Living with a yorkshire terrier is like having a room mate. They are very intuitive
            and learn words and gestures very quickly, so they often seem to “train
            themselves” since they have such a high understanding of what’s going on
            around them. They have an instinctive and adaptive intelligence that is
            often almost magical. 

    yorkshire terrier art by Saveria Designs


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