Cute little yorkie in a pink dress

The Fashionable Yorkie

I always told myself if I got a dog, I would not dress it up… but then I got a Yorkshire terrier, and I couldn’t resist. And yes, once in a while I do turn my little dog into a “fashion plate”. 

I even made her own little closet in which to keep her things… it’s true! (And she’s got a lot of things… did I mention that I spoil her?) She’s always going in there to check it out or pick out a toy.

Closet made especially for a yorkie

The clothes come out for special occasions. The rest of the time, my Yorkie likes to be “free” and unencumbered from having things on her, even hair bows, so I respect that.

“Pretty in pink… and more pink.”  She likes all shades of pink!

yorkie in a bow wearing a pink frilly dress

yorkshire terrier in a fancy pink dress

Wearing a fancy dress she received as a Christmas gift. She looks like a real diva!

yorkie in a fancy dress

Since she’s my little angel, she deserved an outfit with little angel wings…

yorkie in angel wings outfit

Of course, since we’re in a cold climate, she needs a coat whenever we go out - she never complains about not wanting to wear one though! Yorkies are quite susceptible to the cold, so putting a coat or sweater on them, when needed, is the right thing to do.

This is the sweater dress I knit just for her. Looking warm and fashionable. 



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