The Soundtrack of my Art Saveria Designs

The Soundtrack of My Art

When I’m creating, I usually like to have something in the background to listen to, to inspire me, or just for added enjoyment. I listen to all types of music, depending on my mood and what type of art I am creating. I also like to listen to the spoken word, be it stories, fables, poetry, or old radio programs.

We have all heard the expression “the soundtrack of my life”. Well, this is “the soundtrack of my art”.

Hope you get inspired by my eclectic mix of words and music!

1.  Il Postino film soundtrack

2.  Cinema Paradiso film soundtrack - Music by the great Italian composer Ennio

cinema paradiso music

3.  Audrey Hepburn’s Enchanted Tales - Yes, it’s the beautiful voice of Audrey
     Hepburn recounting fairy tales set to music. A soothing and captivating

enchanted tales

4.   The Vinyl Cafe stories by the late Stuart McLean, a Canadian treasure. Stories
      that will make you laugh and cry. 

5.   Voice from Assisi/Songs from Assisi- Friar Alessandro, the humble friar
      from Assisi who became a worldwide singing sensation with his rich tenor

friar alessandro music

6.   Ocean Waves, Calming Sounds of the Sea - If you can’t be near the sea, this
      is the next best thing. 

7.   Pachelbel, Three Meditative Variations with Ocean - Live & Let Liv

8.   Catherine MacLellan - If It’s Alright With You, The Songs of Gene
  Another treasure to add to your music collection. Simply beautiful.

9.   Carpenters - Ultimate Collection - One of the best voices of all time, Karen

10.  Anne Murray - The Ultimate Collection - A voice like silk and an icon of 
       Canadian music.

11.  Soundtrack from the original film by Luigi Comencini - Le avventure di
        Pinocchio (The Adventures of Pinocchio) Music by Fiorenzo Carpi

needle felted Pinocchio by artist Saveria Torquato

12.  Il Volo - Grande Amore - Classic Italian Music in all its splendour with three
       beautiful operatic voices.



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