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Thoughts on Being Creative

Quote on Creativity from Saveria DesignsCreative thoughts spur my mind to imagine, to embrace the creativity within. My motto has become “to create is to live, to live is to create” - it’s an affirmation that brings your heart and soul into daily living, into creating the life you want and deserve for yourself.

Letting creativity into your life (even in a small way) can bring you to important positive affirmations that can be life-changing. A creative mind is open to positive thoughts and can rid the negative self-talk that has plagued us all at one time or another.

Try these affirmations in your own daily life and see if they don’t change your outlook. Write them on little cards and keep them in your bag, purse, or wallet to refer to throughout your day.

Every choice I make is the right choice.

Creativity fills me completely.

I create my own life.

Loved ones who are no longer here are watching over me.

A sense of appreciation and kindness inspires everything I do.

Embracing inner peace and tranquillity is my daily right.

Following my dreams does matter.

I see a little magic in everything that surrounds me.

Good comes from everything I do.

Every day it will all get a little better.

I already have everything I need.

Repeating these simple affirmations (and others you create for yourself) can have wonderful effects. The key is to replace the negative messages that all too often take over our minds. It’s all about positive self-talk and self-care.

Your life, and your creativity, becomes purposeful and gives significant meaning to what you are creating. Each work you create is infused with love, intention, and positivity. Creation, creativity… it’s at the heart of all that we do.

Owning your own creativity can make huge changes in your life, as it has for me.
I hope that my artwork, in some small part, can bring some beauty and thoughtfulness and, perhaps, be a source of inspiration for others who may be experiencing a moment of turmoil in their lives knowing that inner peace and outer creativity is possible.

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