About us

Deep within a piece of art,
you will find its creator.


Creating art of all kinds is my passion.

Art has a way of giving meaning to our lives, of making our surroundings beautiful, of giving us hope. It’s also a great therapeutic release, either by way of creating it or having it to look at. Art is all around us in so many different ways.


What I strive to do is to create art that gives a good feeling, a positive vibe, and a unique way to brighten a day.


That’s the reason for this online art boutique. To share my creations with others, in the hopes of giving each of us a little art to brighten and enhance our lives.

Home is where the art is.

“Home is where the art is”. The art on your walls, desks, shelves makes a home well loved and meaningful to you.

Art, in any form, is personal: each of us takes something a little different from the same artwork and it touches us in various ways.

My hope is that those who purchase my art will feel the positivity and happiness that I feel when I am creating it.

I want the recipient of my art to know that all the work and time that goes into each piece is a testimony to the pleasure of making and owning a handmade piece of love.

May you find peace, joy, and growth in all that you do.

Saveria Torquato



You make it all worthwhile. I love to create different pieces and to then hear back from my customers with their thoughts and comments:

Milana says "Love your stuff and the Yorkie things are awesome".

Mary N. says "This dog and my dog look a lot alike. I love all the moods and poses of my dog. I love this pic and I love the rest of your art. Thank you."

Kenzie says "My mom loved it! It looks just like her baby, Jeter, and she’s already found a spot for it on the wall. Thank you!"

Cathy says "I have nothing but good to say about my purchase of the yorkie. I love it. Shipped great in a timely manner. Thank you Saveria Designs."

Claire says "Gorgeous work!! I have already given away 4 of them (from the St. Francis card set). Framed mine in a floating frame and it’s gorgeous! Will be buying more!

Carolyne says "I ABSOLUTELY love this Water Lily print which I purchased as a companion piece with the Pond art print. The image is reminiscent of Monet's waterlilies with its design, colour and shadings. There is wonderful attention to detail and Saveria has captured the tranquility of the pond on a summer's day. Both art pieces came beautifully wrapped and carefully packaged. Saveria was very helpful and extremely easy to work with.